“I am not religious” and other religious sayings

Jesus Fish-600x500I got that title from a book called Insurrection by Peter Rollins which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Ok, so here is the back story. If you scroll down my blog, you’ll find a post I did on Authority, which arose out of a devotional I was asked to give at my place of work (it’s a Christian run business). Now the problem was that my devotional was polar opposite to where the business was going and yet when I gave it instead of getting the backlash I was expecting, all I got was agreement.

I was totally floored, in fact I felt really discouraged and even alone, because I felt like no-one had heard or at least understood. If I look back over the last 9 months or so, that moment really was a fork in the road for me.

Here is what I have been learning, that nobody thinks they are religious, even the most religious person amongst us. To add to that probably the most unreligious thing we could say is that “I am religious” because at least we would be acknowledging the truth.

(just a side note for those who don’t know why I am going on about religion, please read some of my earlier blogs to get a better idea but maybe a shorter/grossly over-simplified definition is “any man made system that promises to give us God” the reason this is bad is because it takes us away from entering into a relationship with God through Jesus)

I used to think I was unreligious because I wasn’t Catholic, then when I left the Baptists I thought I was unreligious because I was Charismatic. Then I thought I was unreligious because for the first time in my life I got “Grace” while all those legalistic Christians were very religious. Then I thought I was unreligious when I left the last congregation I had been involved, I mean how can you be religious if you don’t even go to meetings anymore?

I have found that being unreligious is more than what denomination you belong to or don’t, it’s more than whether or not you understand Grace, or whether you are part of a man-made system or not. It is also the way we believe what we believe, it is the way we relate to God and how we believe he relates to us and it’s the stories we tell ourselves about what we believe and who we are, like saying “I am not religious” or not.


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