New Creation

ImageLater this September I will celebrate leaving religion behind to be embraced by Jesus. (This is not a judgement of the last congregation I was apart of but rather a judgement of what most churches have become and more importantly, what I had become and made myself.) However I am not celebrating what is past, I am celebrating what is to come. I have never known such love and freedom in my relationship to God.

If you read my post called “Blurry worship goggles” on the 8th of Oct 2009. I hinted at my frustration. I tried to engage that frustration for about 2 years after that post with no real breakthrough. I then sensed God tell me that I would not be able to transition into the new thing He was showing, without unplugging from the old way of doing things. He then promised me that he would plug me into something new. So I said ok, and pulled the plug. 

In that moment it was like I had given him the loose thread on my jersey, he began to pull and pull on my jersey until I was undone. It began an intensive yearlong process of having every religious paradigm shattered. I literally felt like God was destroying a “paradigm-a-day”, but at the same time I was having an absolute blast.

In the end he wiped the table clean of all my religious stuff and then in this last year he has slowly been doing a more positive work in my life, rediscovering how to read my bible through Jesus, discovering Grace for the first time, discovering the Gospel for the first time and discovering abundant life in the midst of tough circumstances and financial strain.

Anyway this post is really to say a lot has happened in my life, and I am finally in a place where I have words to share it and want to share it, to encourage you, the reader, if possible and also so that I don’t forget what God has done and is doing in my life. If you get something out of my old posts, great, but from this point on you will notice a huge shift in my thinking.


4 thoughts on “New Creation

  1. Hi Justin,
    How amazing our Lord is and I would like to tell you how refreshing it is when a brother in Christ falls in love with Jesus. This past week my nephew went to be with my Lord, he was only 25 years old. The grief is raw and the pain is real. While talking with God, I said, “I understand that You Lord will make something beautiful out of this, and I’m not understanding.” Today at Calvary Chapel of Moreno Valley while singing praises, God’s Word is even more a live, His words, His promises . . . the more I read the Bible, the more I’m learning about my Lord. God bless you and guide you through this journey in which you will give Him praise and honor our God.
    Your Sister in Christ,


  2. Thanks EvaLee, prayers and love to you guys in this difficult time. Yes God is so good to us and I am learning that in the end he is all I have (it is hard when loved ones leave us behind) and he is all I want, but this is a journey too.


  3. happy birthday then Just, a birth of the new Gods doing in your life hey! awesome stuff and i totally hear you. i kinda was born earlier this year too! and it’s NEW, like nothing ever before. a new that i’m fining hard to explain still as its like nothing i’ve ever known!


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