Holiness is like cheese…

It’s all about maturity! (laughter breaks out…)

Sorry for that rather poor joke, but that’s me. Anyway back to my point. Holiness has really been on my radar of late, so I started reading a book by J.I Packer called “Rediscovering Holiness” and this little blog is inspired by it (just don’t get angry with Mr. Packer for what I’m saying, ). In fact it’s something that God has been speaking to our community too. Yet it’s something that is so forgotten especially (weirdly enough) amongst “Evangelical” or even “Conservative” christians.

So often “christians” are the ones who have to have everything figured out, so they aren’t big on repentance because that means we have to admit our faults and actually in all streams of the “church” we are all too willing to move the blame onto someone else or go for some “inner-healing”.  Therefore because repentance isn’t “big” neither is holiness.

Now to my point. Holiness is more than just not sinning. If we just cut out our sins through “white knuckling it” all we end up becoming is religious. What we need to do is repent of our sin(s) and begin to work on our character. I have met so many “old christians” who have it all together on the outsidebut when you look deeper for the character, it’s horribly missing.

Maybe we think that just dealing with sins will build character, or that over time it will grow by itself, but the truth is we all know people in the 2nd half of their lives who are incredibly immature. Anyway that’s what I want for my life, to not only walk in victory over sin (which I think is a gift from Jesus, a position I live from and a process I live out) but then to be mature in my character. That seems like a pretty sweet deal to me, that seems like a holiness I could get into.


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