Sticks and Stones…(Spiritual Formation)

For: The Essentials Formation Online Worship Values Course with Dan Wilt

So this week I have been thinking about what inspires me, and also what deflates me, or takes the wind out of my sails. I think it’s so important that we live our lives inspired because life can be so draining and de-motivating. If life is not a sprint but a marathon, then we need to find ways of staying inspired to make sure we can go the distance.

Now here’s what’s happened of late; when I was church planting in the States I started building up the gear I needed to pursue my worship ministry calling. Then a few weeks ago our house was broken into and all they took was our digital camera and my gig bag of microphones, guitar pedals and recording equipment. Most of that equipment I can’t get here in South Africa and if I could I don’t have the money to replace it. It really felt like an attack on my calling and I felt deflated quite quickly.

I struggled with the whole question of “was this a satanic attack on my call, or if not why did God allow it” Obviously that is always the question right? So I just want to share what the answer has looked like in my life and how I’m fighting to stay inspired.

I went before Father and had to start by confessing just how fed-up (you can insert your own angry words here) I was with Him. I then asked Him what He was doing or where He was when the thieves were in our house. Then He replied…

He reminded me of how easily we rely on things (read equipment) to makes us look better or even be more effective in ministry. I felt like He was saying to me that He is asking me to come very simply to Him in worship.

I also felt Him say that just as when Moses would lay down his staff God would use it mightily, but when he picked it up it turned back to the staff, that He was asking me to do the same. And so I have although it’s difficult.

Now when I lead worship I still miss that equipment, but it reminds me to come simply, to lay down my gifts, that it’s about Him not about me and most importantly to just LET GO…

BTW they broke the window to get in, thus the inspiration for the picture and heading.


4 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones…(Spiritual Formation)

  1. The Lord is much bigger than our circumstances. He will use this incident to His glory. You may feel defeated at the time but God will make something good flow from this icident.
    Pray that the Lord will give you even better opportunity and better equiment in the near future


  2. Your post really resonated with me. God has also been teaching me to let go lately, and to stop trying to control everything – particularly in the realm of finances, which is just so hard to to!!

    You’ve always been an inspiration to me, and I will be praying that you will find the inspiration you need to keep going. I don’t know if this will help, but I’ll say it anyway: when I was 17, God used you to a) steer me onto the spiritual course that has defined my walk with Christ ever since, and b) pretty much save my life. And all that without any guitar pedals. 🙂 Love you, bro. Grace and peace.


  3. Justin, wow that’s a bummer. They stole my car, my lab top, about two years of messages, all of my music, and even toys I was going to donate to a charity. When they found my car it was totalled, however my guitar was still in the trunk. It was the only thing that remained. Sometimes the Lord allows a remnant to remain. In your case its the simplicity of our worship and the sincerity of our heart that matters most. I love you bro, and will be praying for you. Your worship bud in the states forever!….


  4. Hey, Justin-
    Perhaps you could look at the incident in this way-
    God allowed the thieves to take only certain items.
    Things which CAN be replaced-eventually. But the
    positive is: you still have your computer…which
    stores all your important documents, songs,
    website material, etc, etc. And with your pc you
    gave testimony on how you first reacted in a human
    way, (ps-glad to know you’re human, by the way-lol)
    and how you were able to respond in the right way by
    giving it to the Lord and trusting in His Wisdom.
    Another thing-this story will bless the readers to
    your blog. I know because it blessed me today.
    Way to go, Justin! Thanks for sharing.


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