What’s Holiness got to do with it?

What does holiness look like in an unreligious context?

I’m part of a great community of believers/friends/family where everyone is free to be themselves with all of junk. We give each other room to have issues and yet to also be working through them with Jesus and the Spirit’s help and our mates cheering us on.

Many of us are just plain tired of playing “church” or being super nice Sunday smiley people. The issue though is how does holiness look like in that context or yours? We don’t want to be like those crusty old people who have a sour expression on their faces or wear suites to church. We are laid back, board-shorts wearing, iPod listening, sport fanatical, fun-loving people who are hurt, broken and have placed their faith in Jesus as our Saviour.

Well and idea has been finding me, sometimes ambush style, as I search the internet, the airwaves and my own cd/mp3 collection for songs that reflect to God what I’m feeling inside. They are songs that talk about fire, they are songs that talk about burning, songs that talk about being consumed. And then it hit…

Old school holiness is all about being perfect, about following rules, and almost where being dull and boring is something to be valued. What if we have the wrong address, what happens if holiness doesn’t live on Law-keeping Blvd. What happens if Holiness is a response to something or someone?

As I have been singing and meditating on these “fire” songs I have realised they all come out of a place of intimacy with God or the desire to be more intimate with Him. It is the fire of intimacy that purifies our hearts, minds, choices, character, actions, priorities etc. It is also the flames of intimacy that inspire holiness as an act of worship!

That’s it, holiness as a worship response, an inspired call to purity because of the one I love and the flames of intimacy that begin to consume all that does not please Him. Now I can get into that, how about you?


5 thoughts on “What’s Holiness got to do with it?

  1. Phew, today I feel pretty burned out actually. Mentally and physically. However when I’m tired like this I have a real desire to spend time with the Lord. That fire seems to crave His breath that adds fuel to the flame. I really like knowing that even though I’m far from perfect, the fact that I desire to spend time with God entitles me to claim holiness.
    Thanks Justin.


    1. I checked out that Northumbria website, I need to look a bit more. I also checked out your blog, an interesting subject you cover, will keep an eye on it.

      Also thanks for your kind words and for leaving comment!


  2. Hey big brudder…
    Just read your post for the second time… sorry I didn’t leave a comment the first time! It’s funny – i’ve read some stuff lately that emphasizes how the Bible talks about God with images of fire. (That was related to a discussion on the afterlife that I won’t go into here…) But yeah, I think every generation/culture/church has to figure out its own defining images and narrative. God only knows what the young folks are gonna say about us where we’re in our seventies!!
    Btw, would you mind if I linked your blog on my blog? If you want to, you’re welcome to do the same with mine (that’s not a request! Just letting you know I don’t mind if you feel so inclined!)
    Talk to you soon.


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