The two sides of worship

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This past week I have been thinking about the relationship between intimacy and integrity in worship.

There is a lot of performance in worship these days, which is both good and bad. Good because it usually means cool equipment to play with, but bad because it often leaves worship feeling plastic and superficial.

There is always going to be a push for excellence which is right as we give God our best.

But of all the people who speak to me about excellence in worship, no one has ever mentioned the excellence of the heart.

This is where I feel that intimacy and integrity can help us. These 2 things work together and can give our worship the substance and power we all want.

Intimacy is all about going deeper with God, but so often we struggle, especially as guys, with intimacy because at the back of our mind we can’t get past making it sexual.

Intimacy is all about self-disclosure. (Beware the following paragraph is rated pg13). Now between my wife and I that could end up with me naked but when it comes to God it means letting him see the good and bad parts of our lives and somehow this is way harder than putting our “love-handles” on show.

Now this is where integrity comes in because we can’t experience intimacy if we are not being ourselves.

Here’s a thought the degree we are comfortable with God knowing our most broken parts is the degree to which we can be intimate wit Him and also shows how deep our understanding of His Grace.

I don’t just want to leave it there though because it is good and right to bring our victories and healing to God. It’s just that we find it easier to only show the best version me ourselves to God and other church folk on a Sunday.

So I want to challenge you and I that as we worship today to bring all of ourselves to God, the good and the bad


2 thoughts on “The two sides of worship

  1. Absolutely on the money Justin. I really enjoyed this piece of yours – thank you. You hit the nail on the head. If we coming into the presence of our almighty God with unity of purpose (that being to draw near to Him and exalt His name) and we come with the measure of faith which He has aportioned us – then we worshipping man! Otherwise we might just find ourselves guilty of singing songs about God to our selfish consumer-centred selves..

    Strong word, but lets be honest, take stock and wear the hat if its fits. (And hopefully take it off again and lay it at the feet of Jesus IN WORSHIP!)

    Love Lyle


  2. Intimacy spending time with God and just allow ourselves to be soakedwith the love grace and forgiveness of the Lord Jesus. We as men especially are guilty in rushing things and think we can get away with it when we come to the throne of the Lord


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