Intimacy and Tithing, what!?!?

I was listening to a teaching the other day by Arthur Burke, I actually met up with him when I was States side. He was just sharing how “the first person you take your victories and failures to, is the person you will be most intimate with.”

Now that is some loose quoting, but if you enjoy what I have to say, give Arthur the credit.

It really struck me between the eyes though as I have really been struggling to get more intimate with God. My life is more complicated now than when I was a teen and all “on fire for Jesus”. The truth is those were beautiful innocent days, but life happens, people hurt you, you get lost, make mistakes, try to fix things yourself and before long you have lost that “fire” you had.

Anyway’s back to Arthur! This whole idea of “first-fruits” (for newcomers it’s what the cool Christians call tithing, ha ha) giving God the first of everything was never meant to only be about money. It was meant to be about everything, and while that meant the jews would put aside the first bit of flour they ground up etc. I had never thought of it including our emotions.

Obviously worship needs two main things to make a fire, it needs awe and intimacy. I think this idea of bringing the first-fruits of our emotions, our victories and failures is something that can be a real breakthrough for me and maybe for you too.

So give it a bash and leave a comment to share how it’s affected you!


8 thoughts on “Intimacy and Tithing, what!?!?

  1. Hey, great post Justin.
    P.s you’re the second person I’m telling, no guessing Who is the first 🙂
    Such a practical way of connecting with God, and building on the relationship in a ‘real-life’ way.


  2. Hi Just,

    I think that your thoughts are so real. I have been struggling with tithing so much this past month or so. I think I am trying to do the “right thing” instead of the heart/relationship tithe, in order to try make peace with myself about it. I want to keep my time for myself and give God the rest, instead of the other way round. The relationship part of Jesus and me is not “on fire” like it was a while ago (like you said, life and circumstances take over). A “new couple in Jesus” in our life group are so excited about their new found freedom that they actually shine outwards. That freedom and joy was a part of me so long ago and I want it back. I think I have digressed, but it needs a turn around from a “me” attitude to an “us” one. Renewing our minds daily because the days are dark.



  3. Hiya bro,

    True dat true dat! I am so good at taking care of myself or if I am feeling a little generous I give away my first fruits to my hubby or others. God is my first lover then my husband. And then of course I dont need to worry about myself as there is a lot of love coming from these two.



  4. Im reading this very insightful and inspiring book at the moment by John Piper- “The Pleasures of God”.

    His baseline quote that HE uses to build his thoughts in the book is one that i will get wrong, but that runs along the lines of “our worth is measured by the objects of our desire”.

    Something like that:)

    It basically means that what we desire and value (worship, put first emotionally, physically, intellectually, adore) is an indicator of OUR value.

    Which all sounds quite weird as how can my value of communication via facebook define me in that way? 😉 Perhaps its better understood if we go more to the dark side: if i value/worship depraved things (porn, addictions, emotional independence and isolation, things that waste my time and energy) then these too show my true ‘value’, really- as a broken individual, who, on my own, cannot aspire to much, really.

    Piper goes on to say that GOD allowing US to adore, worship, value HIM is the BIGGEST gift He can give us as it UPS our value. It lifts us from worshiping dead things, makes us less depraved, seats us with things that bring awe etc.

    Given that, we should Tithe/worship away, not?:)


    1. Yeah I love the way God can be so self-centered and “get away with it” just because He really is the center of it all. I love that book by Piper quite a thick book, but so meaty too. Keep reading and may we all shine brighter as we reflect His light!


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