Have you taken your Spirit to gym lately?

Over my recent holiday I was watching a set of teaching DVD’s and the guy asked an interesting question: “When last have you invested in and nutured your spirit, or done anything to grow your spirit?”

We spend a lot of time taking our bodies to the gym, to get fit, strong and healthy. We try to eat right, take vitamin suppliments and do a bunch of things to make sure we are physically healthy.

Then we go to church or listen to some Tony Robbins DVD sets and start working on our soul’s. We try to improve our attitude, cos that determines your altitude, didn’t you know? (Ha Ha).

We go to all sorts of seminars to get healing for emotional wounds of the past, sometimes we even have to take drugs to help us deal with emotional or mental health issues (been there!).

Then we start on the teaching. We read the bible every day. Brilliant. Then we go to a bible study during the week. Then on Sunday we go to church and hear another sermon, and if you are really spiritual you go back to church in the evening for more teaching. All of this targeting our mind and beliefs, we need to think right to be right.

“But how much of our so called christianity actually targets, builds up or nourishes our spirits?”

Everything above has only targeted either our bodies, or our souls, and I’m not saying that stuff is wrong, not at all. It is in fact good. However there is a third part to us, the breath of God is us that is sadly under-developed and which is in need of serious attention.

So here is something else to think about. Why is it that so many christians, even the committed kind that are faithfully at every meeting year in and year, are feeling unsatisfied with, bored and disconnected from a dynamic living relationship and expression of God.

I really think it has to do with our neglect of our spirits. And why is it that so many of our regular spiritual practices never do anything to grow our spirits?

I don’t know all the answers and this is something new I have just seen recently, like the last month, so I thought I would just put it on your radar and see how we can address this issue.

If we are going to live a lifestyle of worship and if we are going to have God living in the very center of our being, our spirits, so that He can touch every area of our lives, then we are really going to have to address these questions.

Any comments or questions?


4 thoughts on “Have you taken your Spirit to gym lately?

  1. I am probably completely and utterly off the mark here, but I feel your words speaking to me and recently have come to the realisation that we want we want yet how much of a relationship do we actually have with God in order for him to give us what we need? Its like we are going through the motions and have ended up with the furniture.

    All that you say about the working on our bodies and souls but not our spirits, to me its like a failing relationship, we have forgotten that we need to go deeper and to keep on trying everyday to nourish our spirits. We take it at face value but forget that there are hidden depths that are yet undiscovered.

    Like I said I have probably lost the plot, but it makes sense to me and my unintelligable ramblings haha:)


  2. Hey Natasha, I actually think you are spot on!

    So much of our relationship with God feels superficial and self-centered. I think it’s because we aren’t going deeper.

    Keep growing and stepping out!


  3. Hi Just,

    I have been really reading you blog for the first time today, please forgive me.
    Once again you’ve hit the nail on my head. I read the bible, go to LG, go to church (have not been for a month). I try so hard to give all to God, but I am still fighting Jesus somewhere along the line. Someone gave me picture they saw of and they saw Jesus, myself and the devil in a battle, but I was fight Jesus and not the devil. Jesus was saying to me, stop fighting me and together we can fight the devil. I feel that it is time to stand up in our Faith, and be pro-active in our Walk and practice what we learn. I need to go to spiritual gym daily.
    We are in a battle and the moment I actually understand that, I think I can break through my spiritual blockade.
    I need to get rid of the things that are not of God and are taking up my time. Work is the biggest threat to my walk, I am trying to do things in my own strength daily, but it comes down to the relationship aspect, where I can take anything to Jesus and can walk with Him in any situation.


    1. I do forgive you! Ha ha. No problem. I am just glad that these posts have meant something to you.

      The worst thing for us is to be passive especially when it comes to these spiritual matters. SO keep going


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