New Song: Isaiah55

“For: The Institue of Contemporary and Emerging Worship StudiesSt. Stephens UniversityEssentials Red Online Worship Theology Course with Dan Wilt.”

I wrote this song after a meaningful time of corporate worship in our church. The Lord gave me a prophetic word which I shared with the church about how we need to seek his presence first.

The gist of it is that I believe God is calling us to repent of hard heartedness. We can so often arrogantly come to church expecting God’s presence to come down just because we are there, or our worship team has got it all together, or a number of other reasons. Yet we never even attempt to engage God’s heart with ours. We sit there passively expecting not only the worship team and preacher, but God himself to show up and meet our needs. That’s pretty consumerist of us, and quite arrogant too don’t you think?

Anyway so I felt God calling us to repent of all of the above and to turn towards him and seek him alone. That he wanted to give us His presence but that He wasn’t going to let us cheapen him with our consumerist passivity. I hope that doesn’t sound too harsh

However I really sensed that God was giving us his favour and his everlasting love and promise that if we seek him, we will find him because he loves to give himself to us, to show us how great his is and that his presence would then bring the breakthrough that we were wanting.

So after all of this I felt really drawn to Isaiah 55 and after reading it I saw so clearly illustrated what I sensed in that prophetic word. I then decided to write a song around it with a two fold purpose. One, to have a song that we could sing as we processed and and yielded to what God was doing in us as a community. Secondly, I was also inspired to write it as an advent song as the themes are so applicable.

So that’s the story. I would really appreciate any comments that will help me improve as a song writer, this is only my second serious attempt but I want to grow.

Here is the song for free download

You can download the song and chord chart by clicking on the link below. Once you are there, under the explaination you will see 2 files, one is a chord chart (with lyrics) and the second is the audio file. Just right-click on each file and select “save linked item as” from the menu.


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