Centering Prayer

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For worship to be a lifestlye, life has to change. Not because we aren’t worshipping, we worship like we breathe, we just do it, the problem is we worship all sorts of inferior things. Worship then becomes the expression of our relationship to that object, person, or if you live in a sport mad nation like me, or sports team.

SO if we are to change the way we worship, we must change waht we worship and how we realte to that person. Obviously in this blog we are talking about worshipping God so what I want to build on is how we can change the way we relate to God.

Basically if you have read the other blogs on this site we are trying to find out how we can center our lives in Christ. Now for me this is where the power of centering prayer and silence enters. We need to build a place of silence at the very center of our beings and a place that God can fill and make His stronghold.

Many of my evangelical friends get a little freaked out by the term centering prayer, however this is usually through misinformation and lack of knowledge. What I am talking about is a prayer of silence where one is not putting thoughts into words, but rather “being” by faith in His presence and giving Him the space to “be” everything he wants to be to us.

It is a prayer of simple surrender, a letting go of all our preconcieved ideas of who God is and how He works and rather letting Him invade us with His holy presence. If worship is the expression of our relationship to God, then centering prayer is the soil in which that relationship grows.

We need to develop this still, quiet center if we are to know God at our center and have His life animate all our lives.

Any thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Centering Prayer

  1. Spot on Justin! Been reading bits and pieces out of one of Rene’s books called “Celebration of the Disciplines” by Richard Foster and as some people say regarding some stuff in there – He has touched on disciplines that the church has long forgotten. One of the disciplines that he talks about is basically meditation (not on nothing like the new age movement, but on one thing – GOD!) and a very big part of or step toward solid meditation on/with God what he calls “centering down”. Basically what you talking about – quiet concentrated space for God to be God and for us to be open and responsive. I like what you’ve said man! May God keep dropping those pearls in your heart as you center down in intimate communication with him! Blessings, Lyle.


  2. Hey Justin
    This is a really beautifully written piece.I loved that centering prayer is the soil in which our relationship with God grows. Pretty profound stuff there.
    You also get the most amazing pictures for your blogs.
    Alexander did a teaching recently on centering prayer and referenced a book called Finding Sanctuary. I got it for a friend from Loot and read a bit before I gave it to her. It was quite inspiring and different. You might want to check it out.
    Did you ever find a rhyme for anthropomorphic?


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