The Eye of the Storm

So back to our discussion on how to make God the center of our being. The last 2 months of my life have felt like the picture above, moving so fast, and so while it has been very difficult I have really been trying to move towards, or live in the eye of the storm

How do we get him there? If God being at the center of who we are is the answer we know it won’t be easy and it will probably be a most profound mystery. I am still learning here and formulating my thoughts, so let’s keep sharing our ideas, here are some of mine.

I think we need to start with us being created creatures, i.e. that we need to be on the recieving end. You see the thing is to get out of the way we need to realise that we are not the center of the universe, someone else is.

He is the great Creator, the Initiator of all that is good. We as humans like to think we’re pretty smart, that we can initiate all sorts of things, but in the really big issue, the ones that really matter we are usually pretty clumsy, just groping around in the dark, let alone initating some sort of solution or understanding.

So I think we need to start by being open to recieve, and the “what” part of that question I believe is Love. Check out 1 John 4:7-12 especially verse 10. I believe that our ability and openess to recieve that kind of love that is spoken about in those verse is the very pinnacle of all existence, meaning, purpose and vision. That is what we were created for, that is what we were saved for, that’s it.

And I’m not just talking about recieving the feeling, or for those good evangelicals (who don’t trust their feelings, or push them down) I am not talking about knowing all the good theology of how we are saved with all the principles and scripture quotes etc. I am talking about recieving the person Love into that hole, To know him intimately and to let him know you, especially the scary parts of you.

Ok so just take a breath, there that’s better. Now think for a moment, if God is Love (he is not only love, but he is all that is true Love) and you start to let that love sink deep into your heart, knowing the pure acceptance, safety and delight that it brings in knowing you put a smile on the face of your Creator.

Isn’t that the beginning of Him being in the center of your life?

Wouldn’t that change the way you feel about everything else, and wouldn’t that inspire you enough to want to worship God in all your interactions with life?


One thought on “The Eye of the Storm

  1. Ponder on the words of Ps 117 and acknowledge
    God is love and God is faithful. Just think for a moment what he did for you on the cross. But more so He is there in your time of trial and challenge. He was there when Moses stood at the Red Sea, He was there when David faced Goliath and he was with Daniel in the lion’s den.Why will He not be with you when you face a challenge? It is because God love you


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