New Song “Hope”

“For: The Institue of Contemporary and Emerging Worship StudiesSt. Stephens UniversityEssentials Blue Online Worship Theology Course with Dan Wilt.”


The song was inspired by a lot of the theological content I have been working through in the Essentials Course.  As I read bits out of the Bible, things from other writers and also listened to what God was doing in my own heart, the word that kept standing out was “Hope”.

When I look at God, who he is and then at the story he is writing across the universe and in our lives as a human race I keep coming back to “Hope”. For one thing he is not finished writing the story and yet on the other hand he gives us a peek into the last chapeter and we see that he brings everything together and makes it all work out. Hope.

I look at my own life and where I feel God calling me and then I look at where I am. It doesn’t quite connect or line up, it has been a frustrating journey, a rough and rocky journey filled with disillusionment, questions and pain. Hope. The story is one of a God who knows no limits, and knows no obstacles and ever since he paid the full ransom on the cross  and rose from the dead to rescue us, there is no longer an obstacle between us either. Hope.

So in the light of all this I saw a picture pretty much like the one above, of a dark valley with a huge mountain blocking out everything (check out the second verse of my song).  Then I saw the sun of God (read play on words) rising and nothing could stop it. Hope.

To view the chord chart or to download the .mp3 for the song “Hope”, just click Here. Please comment and tell me what you think of the song, if it ministers to you and if you have used it. Thanks


2 thoughts on “New Song “Hope”

  1. Wow, Justin great song! I love your heart for worship. You were the one that really got me started. I have enjoyed reading your blogs!


  2. Thanks Sarah, I am super stoked that I inspired you, so keep your eyes on Jesus, remember worship is about being in love not being right.


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