The Big Picture

“For: The Institue of Contemporary and Emerging Worship StudiesSt. Stephens UniversityEssentials Blue Online Worship Theology Course with Dan Wilt.”

I have written this worldview as a story because for me one of the blessing of how we have worked through this course has been the life that has been injected into these truths through the power of story.

God existed before the beginning in community, being himself, expressing himself and loving himself. He is Father, Jesus the son and Holy Spirit. It was out of His love that the universe was created. He created everything that is, both seen and unseen and declared it to be very good. God made a realm that was invisible and one which was visible, these realms were related to each other and interacted in a mysterious way, with what happened in one realm affecting the other.

The pinnacle of his creation was the human race which were made in his image as his children. Not only that but he breathed his divine breathe into them, his life. At first there was harmony between God and all of his creation. He placed human beings in charge of the earth and they represented him to creation as well as being the representatives of creation before God. Human beings lived in the physical world and yet because of God’s image and breath in them, could see into and interact with the unseen realm. Both God and human beings enjoyed wonderful, fulfilling and intimate communion with each other

Then the human race broke relationship with God. They believed satan’s lie that he wasn’t completely good and walked away from him into an independence. That instantly lead to death, not physical, not yet, but rather a death in relationship to God, a death of identity and purpose. In trying to be free of God humans had become slaves to satan.

God then chose a small family to bless, so that through them he might rescue them, setting them free. He revealed himself to these people as their God and as their King, not only of them but that because he created all things that he was in fact the only true God and the King above all kings. 

Then when the time was just right Jesus the son of God came to earth to pay the ransom for the entire human race. Jesus reveals God as our Saviour, paying our ransom and restoring our relationship to God (Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit). Until this point the unseen and seen realms would connect but this happened only occasionally. However when Jesus came he forever connected these two realms. He also declared that God wanted earth (the seen realm) to become more like heaven (the unseen realm) where everyone acknowledged his rule and reign, where there is shalom between all of creation and God, where justice is done and where life is enjoyed as beautiful and lived to the full.

Jesus mission after saving and ransoming the human race was not to live as a moral example for us to follow, but rather he was showing us how we might release God’s Kingdom on earth. Some of the humans started to relate to God once again through Jesus, in doing this they started to bring the two realms together again. They found their identity and purpose in God and in bringing his kingdom down on earth. This group was called the Church.

Jesus then leaves and Holy Spirit comes and breathes God’s new creation breath into the Church. Their job from then to the present has been to bring these two realms together releasing God’s Kingdom on earth giving expression to the new creation life to be found in Jesus, so that God might restore all of creation to himself once again.

However we are told that some, if not many will refuse this gift of new creation and relationship with God and for them they will get want they want which is death and seperation from a God of love, the full manifestation of this being hell. But for those who recieve the life of Jesus, his ransom and his rule as King of Kings the story doesn’t end there. They will die just as everyone dies, but though their bodies are dead they will be in Heaven (unseen realm) with Jesus until a time when all things come to an end. Then they will all be physically resurrected but with new bodies and there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth. This is the new creation and a new chapter.


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