God and Priorities Part 2

To build on our illustration from the previous post of a little child’s mobile. Think about the human heart. We are pretty much as healthy as our heart, it is the organ that keeps us alive sending vital blood and oxygen to the whole body, the furthest extremities.

Now picture this, your life/relationship with God is as healthy as the heart that is at the center of your being. If at the center is God himself, he will pump His blood (the complete work of Christ) and his oxygen (the Holy Spirit) to every area of your life. Your personality will be flooded by His life, your marriage and other crucial relatiosnhips will be seasoned by His grace. You will know the Spirit’s breath upon your ministry whatever that is, or the wisdom and mind of Christ in your business relationships.

However if we have a heart that is driven to succeed, that too will be pumped into your devotional life, family life etc. Maybe at the center of it all you just want/need to be in control, then that will affect every other area of your life. Or maybe you live such a fast paced, anxious stressed out life that you don’t have any time to consider what is at the center of your life, then because there is no inner substance, when any outward pressure comes your life just crumples under the load and that too affects your life.

So how do we get Christ back to the center of our lives? I believe it takes giving time and surrender. How about you?


3 thoughts on “God and Priorities Part 2

  1. Hot topic Justin! I have found over the course of life that my two most significant relationships generally suffer most from negligence and the overcrowding schedule of ministry. God and my wife get the “leftovers” because I am too busy with working FOR them rather than WITH them! OUCH!


  2. Who was in control when Jesus washed the disciples feet? In a sense when we take that sevant heart attitude we bring God right into our lives By serving orthers we loose control but at the same time we win hearts on a complete other level. It is control but not the world’s control of dominating others.


  3. Amen Andre! I think this issue of giving up control is a huge one for us and what you are suggesting is so counterintuitive, but so beautifully true of God and how he is.


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