Worship and Balance


Sorry this post has been a while in coming, but let’s continue our discussion on making worship a lifestyle.

Yesterday I was dressing my 2.5 yr old son. Specifically we were trying to get his pants on. He was standing up and I was trying to get him to lift his one leg so I could thread his little foot through.

Anyway I asked him to “lean on me” so he could keep his balance and then I sensed a whisper in my heart say “that’s what you are like, everytime you try to do something you lose your balance unless you’re leaning against me.”

Isn’t it true that we stuggle to find balance and funny that the way we try to be balanced is by being more independent, planning better or when things fall apart to try and fix them ourselves.

Instead God is wanting us to worship him through our dependance on him, leaning on him. The only way for us to find balance in this life is to lean on God as he dwells at the center of OUR lives.

Again balance is not going to be found in a list of “priorities” but in a relationship with God when he dwells at the center of our lives.

Any thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Worship and Balance

  1. Hi Justin,
    I’ve been following your blogs for a couple of weeks now. Each one has been inspiring along with confirmation of my own walk with Jesus. I live and talk with Him and He is in our home, at the public school where I work, in my car and most of all in my heart. These past few months have been challenging to say the least. I had the opportunity to share God with my Mom before she past away in February. Each day I pray as I breath to have a closer relationship with Jesus. To be filled with His Holy Spirit for guidence and wisdom. To be the child of God He created me to be. For we are the light in a dark world and the salt for those devine appointments. May our Lord continue to annoite you and bless your family.


  2. A form of balance that God has been pointing out to me of late is that of my understanding of him. Its easy for most to call him Lord and to realise that he is omniscient, omnipotent and we can go on…

    But how many of us really have grasped and live out of a place of understanding that he is our faithful and loving father? A father that’s heart is to bless and not to curse, to heal and not to harm, to give and not withhold, to save and not abandon.

    A guy by the name of Mike Ward, who came to minister and share at our church recently, said something that is so important for us as Christians to remind ourselves of. He said that when we believe and speak out who God is (omniscient, omnipotent…) that doesn’t bug satan too much. BUT, when the church starts to embrace that God is nice, and he likes me – then satan starts to get worried. Sounds back to front hey, but really think about it for a bit. God deserves to be respected don’t get me wrong, but he is so much more interested in our love and fellowship (intimacy) than in our respect and acknowledgment. All of the above are important and good, but its the former which in my opinion the church has placed less emphasis on throughout recent history. And I am just so grateful that He is bringing us back to the heart of it all. Relationship with him rather than just a belief and a respect.

    I believe that as we reconnect with God and through doing so the balance comes, that our lives will become a beautiful worship fragrance to The One.


  3. Balance is so essential in life. We can only have balance when we can lean on a secure source. Look at the financial mess in the world. What is my first action in the day when I get up in the morning? This will determine if I will keep my balance during the day even if it becomes slippery.My first action will determine on who and what I will be leaning during the day


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