The Dance of the Trinity

“For: The Institue of Contemporary and Emerging Worship Studies, St. Stephens University, Essentials Blue Online Worship Theology Course with Dan Wilt.”

We so often leave that word “Trinity” for those people who study theology. However we miss just how practical it is to each and every one of us.

No-one would claim they don’t need relationships, or maybe some would but in the end it is like flapping your arms really fast and trying to fly, it simply can’t be done. We are relational beings and we are that way because God is a Trinity.

If you haven’t yet give the movie “Into the wild” a watch, it is a beautiful movie about a guy trying to find himself and at the same time find freedom from the world which includes eventually leaving relationships behind.

Just as we can’t live without relationship, God couldn’t be God if He wasn’t a Trinity. It’s a weird statement but again one so beautifully and powerfully illustrated in the book “The Shack“. When we say God is love, it’s not just something He does, but it is His very nature and being. True love requires 2 things; 1) The Giver and 2) The Receiver. God could not be love unless He was able to be both the giver and the recipient of love.

I was so powerfully challenged as I witness the Trinity in “The Shack,” how Jesus would relate to Papa or Sarayu, how gracious they were to each other, the flow of honour between relationship and the intimacy shared.

It has started to change the way I relate to other, seeing the treasure in them, the treasure that is them for they are, whether “saved” or “unsaved” an expression of God’s love and creativity.

We so often just inherit our ideas about theology and things like the Trinity from friends, family members and media. These thought’s are simply my ideas that are forming and changing my beliefs and behaviours. What are your thoughts regarding the Trinity and how does it change you?

William P. Young, The Shack
(Windblown Media, 2008)


5 thoughts on “The Dance of the Trinity

  1. Justin, Not sure that I would consider the book, “the shack ” as a reliable resource for the doctrine of the trinity. I know its a fiction but I think it may confuse too many people concerning who God is and how the three in one make up the triune God. Please check out my blog as I attempt to explain my position.


  2. I totally agree that “The Shack” is not a reliable theological resource regarding the Trinity. However I do find that the interaction between them was a great illustration of the theological truth of Trinity and the flow of relationship between each person.


  3. I haven’t read the “The Shack”, but I can say that the point Justin makes about the Trinity is actually 100% traditional Christian theology. Trouble is, it hasn’t been emphasized in the Western version of Christianity that we’ve all grown up with. In the Eastern Christian world (Greek, Middle Eastern, etc.) the concept of the Trinity is important for the exactly the same reasons Justin says it is. The essence of God is relationship itself. God exists in the form of three persons that are in constant relationship with each other – they do in fact talk about the “dance” of the Trinity in and with itself. God himself is the picture of what humanity is supposed to be. Apostle Peter talks about being “partakers of the divine nature”; we partake in the divine life of God by joining in the Trinitarian dance.


  4. I have a picture of the Trinity as a candle. A candle can only be effective if there are three elements. Wax, wick and a burning flame.God is complete and effective as He is three in one.


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